Introduction to Resume Resume Building

A Resume or curriculum vitae is an advertisement of who you are in terms of your capability, ability, and future skills. It is your main advertising appliance for opening the doors of prospective employers. From the candidate's objectivity, resumes are supposed to help get interviews which, in turn, lead to job offers.From the viewpoint of the employer, resumes are expected to communicate value. Always remember that employers are not looking to hire your history - they want to know your capabilities and abilities.

While preparing a resume, never forget that you are advertising yourself for an interview and not for a job. Offering of job comes only after Successful Interview

There are Three types of Resumes:


This sort of resume is used best generally. With this kind of format, you present the information in reverse chronological order and give a detailed account of education, work experiences, and other relevant skills.


This sort of resume contains functional skills categories that focus work experiences and Transferable Skills. A functional resume may also be used if the experience or qualifications do not sustenance your professional purpose. Many of the employers are very careful when reviewing these resumes, as they may be used to hide evident gaps in, or a lack of, work experience.


This type of resume includes functional skill categories that highlight work experiences and transferable skills within the reverse chronological listing of work history.